Vladimir Putin Net Worth

Original Name Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Vladimir Putin Net Worth $70 billion (USD)
Source of Income Politics
Annual Income $4 Billion (approx)
Wife Lyudmila Putina

Vladimir Putin is a well known Russian politician who currently owns his possession over his net worth of $70 billion. He is known as president of Russian since last two term of election. He characterized as the undemocratic personality by many of the westerns. Over years, he has been reputed as controversial persona across the world.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth

Source of Earning

The Russian president identify himself as a humble servant with an official salary of $187,000 per year which on average level of monthly basis stand to be around $17, 230. The truth related to Valdimir wealth is simply inflated and really I consider him to rank amongst wealthiest personality across seeing his investment on luxury. He is admired to bring about change in the life of common Russian citizen. Putin was critically leveraged to acquire the power over 4.5% shares of Gazprom,  a natural gas producer as well as 37% shares in Surgutneft gas, a reputed oil company and even 50% share of Gunvor that  is Swiss oil trader. As, per the recent capitalization, Putin is owns his power over $70 billion.


He is the man who was born at Soviet Union small town named Saint Peterburg. In globe of course, he had earned his degree in Law and soon decided to pursue a career in politics.

Success As Political Figure

With his entry in 16th year of his lifespan, he with full energy began his career in politics with a social organization, KGB. Soon, she got appointed as the head of “Committee for external relation” in the Mayor office located at St. Peterburg. This played the turning point in his career and continued to eventually rise in his political career. Finally, he received his golden opportunity when the former president Boris Yeltsin resigned his position suddenly without any prior information. This sudden decision had led to re-election in the year 2000, when Vladimir got elected as the Russian President. He is known to have unique image from other politician that is a macho image as he has been found shirtless in several funky events especially on sport events. He is acknowledged with another title that is “Putinism” offered by Larry King a journalist on the question “what had happened to Russian Submarine that got lost in the explosion”. The only answer given by Putin was “she sank”. Currently, he is secured with the designation of Russian President. His reign started from 2000 to 2008 which was again followed from 2013 till date. Moreover, he has even served Soviet Union as prime minister from the periods starting from 1999-2000 that was soon followed from 2008 to 2012.

Political With Controversial Image

He is known to have a controversial image in the political career as he is frequently criticized by other leader of other countries for his management in the wing of human rights & foreign policy.

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