Vivek Ranadive Net Worth

Original Name Vivek Ranadive
Net Worth $750 million (USD)
Source of Income Business
Annual Income $40 million
Wife Deborah Addicott

Indian businessmen like Vivek Ranadive are constantly changing the way business is conducted worldwide, he is one of the best known Indians and has earned himself a net worth of close to $750 Million which is a massive amount of money by any standard. Vivek is known as one of the few people who have changed business because he helped in the digitization of Wall Street back in the 80’s through his company ‘Teknekron Software Systems’ he is also an avid sports fan and is the representative  of the owners of the Sacramento Kings which is a famous basketball team in the US.

Vivek Ranadive Net Worth

Vivek Ranadive was born and raised in Mumbai and was a technological geek, he loved to tinker around with technology and he had a flare for business though he did not know it at the time. He was highly ambitious as he aimed to attend the famous technology college Massachusetts Institute of Technology despite everyone saying it’s impossible.

Vivek Ranadive has done the impossible quite often and has really worked towards making changes to the world around him, whether it’s simply for himself or it’s directed towards the masses. The best instance was around the age of 17 Vivek was ready to leave for his dream as he had secured a seat in MIT but during that time according to the Reserve Bank of India he could not take foreign currency abroad and Vivek did everything in his power including camping outside the RBI Building which cause the organization to give in to his request.

Vivek earned his masters at MIT followed by an MBA at Harvard, his ambition was unrivaled as he went on to start his own company right from his college days, following many ups and downs he went to work for ford, Link bit and Fortune Systems where he got all the experience he needed to come up with an idea to change the system.

Creating a revolution in finance
it was the start of the 80’s when Vivek founded and headed the company titled ‘Teknekron Software Systems’ where he researched ideas to help business and finance markets, it was there he coined the term ‘The Information Bus’ which helped in the digitization of wall street in the years to come. Goldman Sachs was the one that pushed Vivek and his company to create the trading floor of the future and as of today we know they succeeded.

Before the dawn of the Millennium he formed TIBCO Software Inc. and with his expertise and backing from major names like Cisco and Reuters which purchased Teknekron from him earlier he made TIBCO into a Multi-Billion dollar company. Vivek Ranadive decided to sell TIBCO in 2014 for $3.98 Billion pending shareholder approval.

Vivek Ranadive was the first Indian to do a lot of thing in the great land of America and that does not just extend to business and technology he is also a big basketball fan and has a stake in the ownership of one of the biggest basketball teams in the NBA, the Sacramento Kings.

Vivek has a history of starting a company taking it to unconventional heights and selling it off and that’s what he did again in 2014 as he is in the works of selling TIBCO that only means he is primed for another new company to set his sights on. What is he going to change next? Only time will tell.

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