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Verne Troyer Net Worth

Original Name Verne Troyer
Net Worth $10 million
Source of Income Acting
Annual Income $2 Million
Ex-Wife Genevieve Gallen

Never judge the wealth of this popular man by his height, as his net worth makes him one of the leading top celebrities in the Hollywood film industry. Verne Troyer holds the net worth of $10 million and he is especially popular for not only his acting performance is outstanding, but also his height.  This factor also made him popular in stunts.

Born in 1969 in Michigan, Verne Troyer is 2 feet and 8 inches tall. He is the only shortest actor and stunt performer in the Hollywood, who also became a popular star through his outstanding performance in many movies.

Verne Troyer net worth

Verne Troyer also holds the pride of being the shortest person in the world, alive now. He became very popular in acting through his mind-blowing performance in the series, Austin power and played a role, Mini Me.

In the film, Baby’s Day Out, Verne Troyer was introduced as the stunt performer in 1994. This movie made him very popular worldwide, followed by which he got many opportunities coming ahead. Although, the budget of his debut movie was only around $50 million, this was a great kick start to his career and popularity, while increasing his social status and net worth.

Verne Troyer driving his car

Verne Troyer driving his car

Net worth of Verne Troyer in 2011 was $3,780,000 and in 2012 it was, $5,000,000. His net worth increased to $7,000,000 in 2013 and $8,900,000 in 2014. In 2016, his overall net worth was estimated to be $10,000,000.

Verne Troyer also added to his net worth acting in many other popular movies, including Bubble Boy and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. His performance in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Run for the Money was a great hit contributing to his net worth. He also appeared in The Love Guru, Postal, and Pauly Shore is Dead.

Verne Troyer also earns from sponsorship, which was estimated to be $1.5 million per year.

Verne Troyer is popular and active in the film industry for long since introduced.

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