Top 10 Richest Doctors in India in 2017

This is the list of 10 richest Doctors in India who are most renowned in the medical field. They are highest paid with huge net worth as on 2017. The land of ancient Ayurveda medicine, India is not lagging behind even in the modern version of medicine. It has given the world some extremely efficient and spectacular doctors whose magic touch and healing powers have revolutionized the country’s medical sciences. Their successful treatment style in return has fetched them huge monetary returns and made them the country’s wealthiest doctors.

Top 10 Richest Doctors in India

Richest Indian Doctors

These Indian Doctors even listed by the Forbes magazine in World’s most richest Doctors. Let’s look at the list of the top richest doctors in India:-

  1. Balamurali Ambati 

Dr Balamurali Ambati

Nicknamed as the Indian Einstein of medical science, he is undoubtedly the master of ophthalmology. Aligned with the University of Utah, this Indian American educator and researcher got himself listed in the Guinness Book of World Records when he was just 17. One of the strongest pillars of Indian medicine, he is the recipient of the Ludwig von Sallmann Clinician-Scientist Award which is bestowed by the ARVO Foundation.

  1. Devi Prasad Shetty

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty

This philanthropist cardiac surgeon has worked relentlessly to make heart surgery affordable for an average Indian which has also made him the most common household name. His genuine work and desire to help his patients has also won him many prestigious awards like the Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty Padma Bhushan award in the Medicine category.

  1. Dwarkanath Kotnis

Because he was born before India got independent, he saw much suffering in his environment and dedicated his entire life to treat the real poor and needy strata of India. His services rendered during the Second Sino-Japanese War remains unparelled and had even earned him fame in China. Not amongst us, he is still revered in the highest order.

  1. Naresh Trehan

Dr Naresh Trehan

Another terrific cardiac surgeon, this maestro of cardiac diseases left his illustrious career in USA to return and serve his countrymen. Winner of various prestigious awards like the “Padma Bhushan” and “Padma Shri”, currently he is the MD of famous hospital called “Medanta” as well as founder of Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre where he serves as chief cardiac surgeon.

  1. Deepak Chopra

Dr. Deepak Chopra

A firm believer of Ayurveda therapy and spirituality, he propagated the same in the western world after relocating to USA. Author of about 80 books, he is counted amongst the NY Times bestseller author.

  1. Aamod Rao

Dr Aamod Rao

A top notch plastic as well as cosmetic surgeon, he has initiated a revolution in this field. Doing an unmatched work in facial aesthetic as well as body contouring surgeries, he is popular not only in India but also across Europe, Middle East and America.

  1. Sanjay Borude

Kicking off his career as a general surgeon, he soon started specializing in obesity treatment and gradually rose to fame as one of the best obesity surgeons including gastric bypass surgery as well as lap band and surgery. He is sought after not only in India but also in obese prone countries like the US and the UAE. A lifetime member of IMA and VP of Obesity surgery society of India, he has given a second life to numerous obese persons till now and continues to do so.

  1. Ramneek Mahajan

Dr Ramneek Mahajan

Striving for over fifteen years, Ramneek has emerged as a leading contemporary orthopedic doctor who had contributed immensely in the field of Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement. He has some almost impossible success below his belt. His experience includes working in esteemed hospitals like the Saket City Hospital and Fortis Hospital.

  1. Ashim Desai

The Mumbai based ENT maestro Ashim Desai is hallmarked with his record immediate success with some extremely critical cases. Still going strong after 21 years, he specializes in Micro Laryngeal Surgery as well as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He is also associated with Association of Otolaryngologists of India and Indian Society of Oncology.

  1. Lalit Panchal

Dr Lalit Panchal

A distinguished spine surgeon, he has been working since last 17 years with specialization in Total joint Arthroplasty and obviously Spinal Instrumentation Surgeries. His commendable success rate has won him his well deserved success and fame.

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