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Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actors today

Here is updated list of top 10 richest actors in India who earns in Million. Being a top notch Bollywood stars they are on the top list in 2016. Bollywood is one of the popular film industries in the world. There are many renowned actors and actresses, who are giving their outstanding performance. It is not only their hard work and excellent appearance on screen, but their career in the Bollywood as actor has also made them millionaire. Among numbers of  stars, here follows the top 10 richest actors from Bollywood as on 2016:

Richest Bollywood Actors

Hrithik Roshan:

Hrithik RoshanThe most handsome and attractive actor in India is ranked to be in the 10th place of richest celebrities. His net worth in 2016 is estimated to be $45 million. He has won about six Film fare Awards. This hotshot superstar of India cinema gets about Rs.20 crore as his annual income. He began his career in acting from his childhood.


Irrfan Khan:

Irrfan KhanBorn in 1976, Irrfan Khan is one of the popular Indian film actors. He appears in many Hindi films and he has also appeared in a few British films and Hollywood. To say, Jurrasic World brought him a huge fame and recognition in the film industry. His net worth in 2016 is estimated to be $50 million. He gets about $4 million per movie.



John Abraham:

John AbrahamBorn in 1972, John Abraham is the popular Indian film actor. He is also a producer and model. He has modeled many advertisements and companies. His debut film Jism, earned him the nomination for the Filmfare Best Debut Award. The current net worth of John Abraham is estimated to be $55 million and his annual income is estimated to be $12 million.


Ranbir Kapoor:

Ranbir KapoorBorn in 1982, Ranbir Kapoor is a famous Indian actor. He is one of the most popular celebrities with higher pay in India. He has received many awards, and most remarkably, he has received 5 Filmfare awards. He makes over Rs.30 crore per annum and gets about Rs.15 crore to Rs.20 crore per movie.



DharmendraDharmendra, a very popular film actor in the Bollywood industry is estimated to have the net worth of $70 million. Born in 1935, his debut film was Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere, in the year 1960. He received, Lifetime Achievement Filmfare Award. He acted in over 100 movies.


Akshay Kumar:

Akshay KumarThe estimated net worth of Akshay Kumar, the popular Bollywood actor is Rs. 180 crore. Born in 1967, he is also a producer and martial artist, appeared in over 100 Hindi films. He was nominated for many Filmfare Awards and has also won two awards.


Aamir Khan:

Aamir KhanThe net worth of Amir Khan is estimated to be $185 million. His pay per movie is Rs. 40 crore. He is not only an actor, but also a producer and director.




Salman Khan:

Salman KhanBorn in 1965, Salman Khan is a very popular actor in the Bollywood and he is world renowned for his outstanding performance. His net worth is estimated to be over $200 million. He received 4 National Film Awards. He has also won 7 Filmfare Awards. He is also a producer. He has appeared in TV shows and he is the popular television personality too.


Amitabh Bachchan:

Amitabh BachchanWith the estimated net worth of $402 million, Amitabh Bachchan is a world renowned actor. He became very popular for movies like Deewarm and Zanjeer. He was born in 1942. He is known as the legend in the Indian film industry.



Shah Rukh Khan:

Shah Rukh KhanTaking the first place in the ranking of richest people of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is estimated to have the net worth of $ 600 million. He is known as the king of Bollywood, who has acted in over 300 movies and of which 226 films were nominated for various film awards. He has won about 207 awards.


Ranking  Name Net Worth
1 Shah Rukh Khan $600 Million
2 Amitabh Bachchan $402 Million
3 Salman Khan $200 Million
4 Aamir Khan $185 Million
5 Akshay Kumar $150 Million
6 Dharmendra $70 Million
7 Ranbir Kapoor $66 Million
8 John Abraham $55 Million
9 Irrfan Khan $50 Million
10 Hrithik Roshan $45 Million

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