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Shawn Michaels Net Worth

Original Name Michael Shawn Hickenbottom
Shawn Michaels Net Worth $20 million
Source of Income Wrestling
Annual Income $4 million
Wife  Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom

WWE Wrestler Shawn Michaels Net Worth is much bigger as you thought.  Shawn Michaels is a retired American professional wrestling star who has earned a net worth of nearly $20 Million through a career in wrestling spanning two decades. Shawn has been a part of the WWE team for as long as his career in the professional circuit stood and has given us some of the most phenomenal shows we have had the luck to experience.

WWE Wrestler Shawn Michaels Net Worth

Michaels has been a coach and mentor to many young wrestling hopefuls and has also been an ambassador for the WWE spreading its presence to all the corners of the globe.

What does it take to make Michaels!
Shawn was always an athlete and wanted to be a show stopper, ironically that was also a nickname he picked up later in his career. Because of his athletic skill Shawn tried out to become a wrestler and he enrolled for a two month crash course that would set him back nearly $3,000. The program was instructed by Jose Lothario and it wasn’t long before Shawn was dabbling inside the world of wrestling entertainment.

Mr. WrestleMania!
Shawn Michaels has performed in many of the monumental matches on some pretty grand stages, it’s also well known that he has been the first to test and really wrestle on matches with no reputation but making the style of match famous. He is truly Mr. WrestleMania!

While Michaels was up and wrestling with the WWE it’s guessed that he could pull in up to $1 Million per year, but now that he has retired and is simply an ambassador that pay check has certainly reached a slump.

Lovely house of Shawn Michaels
Shawn’s home in San Antonio, Texas is not exceedingly luxurious but it has only the necessities, it may be spacious and built above a beautiful 5,500 sq. ft. land but it’s not a show stopper.

Michaels has had a couple of muscle cars over time and he is most famous for driving around his GM pickup truck but that’s as far this modest star will go.

5 Thing you probably did not know about Shawn Michaels.

  • Michaels is ambidextrous and can use both his hands to draw and write.
  • Michaels also trained WWE champion Daniel Brian, and Bryan mastered his in ring skills because of this “Hall Of Famer”
  • Michaels was so good at high school football that he was chosen the linebacker for most of the football seasons.
  • He mistakenly modelled for the Playgirl magazine which he thought would be a magazine with the demographic being ladies but it was quite the opposite.
  • Shawn was also an avid archer and occasionally wins competitions around his hometown.

His onscreen persona may be over the top but we are glad Shawn is such a great humble and relaxed guy.

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