Schoolboy Q Net Worth

Original Name Quincy Matthew Hanley
Net Worth $1.35 million (USD)
Source of Income Hip-Hop Artist
Annual Income Not known
Properties House and Car

Today, this article is majorly concentrated on the facts of famous west coast rapper who has made a new revolution in the music world for new generation. Can, you guess out! Who he is? He is man who has created special effect on solo album as well as group band and he is none other than Schoolboy Q whose net worth is $1.35 million.

Grooming Days

Schoolboy Q Net Worth

He is on the edge to receive his fame as an experienced rapper who was born at Germany but was groomed with the lessons of life in USA. Finally, he got settled at Los Angeles city of California to built his career. He was actually born in the US military base located in Germany. Later on, he migrated with his mom to Los Angeles which became his hometown.

Critical Situation Of Teen Days:

As per the research made on his past, I have presumed that he has passed through critical teen days. Before earning his fame as a rapper, he was involved in selling of drugs and was even enrolled with the criminal record as he was a part of L.A. Crips Gang. Howsoever, he quitted these wrong deeds when he was launched as wonderful rapper.

Successful Career:

Q is known to be the reputed west coast rapper who is admired for his excellent performance with the band known as “Black Hippy”. This is a group of four members in which he is leading the band with other such as Jay rock, Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar. He is the man who has even stunned people with his performance as solo artist in the full length album with a number of single hits encountered in his name.

Prove Of Excellence:

If you do not consider me true that he is one of the fantastic rapper in the new session? Then, you could make the purchase of the successful latest video “Split: The lender” that will make you dance on its beat. Well, making a sort of research on his current status we got to know that he generates revenue from the prospering sale of the concert ticket, records, as well as merchandising and with the maximum electronic download.

Ventures He Had Signed Till Date:

In the year 2012, the group of four signed a deal with Interscope Record that was followed with the agreement of Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment. Later, a great deal of thanks to him for signing his next album in the year 2014 that as was popular as “Oxymoron” because of its grand opening sale of 139,000 copies.

Honor Adorned With Success:

Q has been honored for the success of vast number of records and mix tapes. His first independent album “setbacks” offered him the platform to attain 100th position in the “US Billboards 200”. Later on, another wonderful record “Contradiction Routines” offered him 111th position in the “US billboard 200”. He became “The Man Of The Year” with the release of “Oxymoron” album and was listed at 62nd rank of “The Billboard Hot 100 Chart”

Wrong Deed Requires Repayment:

He was shot with a rifle when he was on the way to a concert on his SUV. But, he emerged unharmed without any sort of injuries. Howsoever, cops are not still able to discover the man behind this incident that took place in the year 2014.

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