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Sanjay Dutt Net Worth

Original Name Sanjay Dutt
Net Worth $22 million (USD)
Rs 132 Crore
Source of Income Acting
Annual Income Rs 5 Crore
Properties House, Car, Bike

Bollywood Royalty is a great way to describe Sanjay Dutt who has amassed a net worth of $10 Million through his career in acting and politics, though good old Sanjay has seen a lot of better days in his career and life all together this article is mainly about the stars achievements the value he holds in the film industry and his legacy of films and money.

Sanjay Dutt Net Worth

Sanjay Dutt was part of what’s considered one of Bollywood’s most fruitful time, guided by his father the late Sunil Dutt Sanjay rose to fame conquering some of the most ionic movies of the 80’s and 90’s, like the award winning “Main Awaraa Hoon”, or “Khatron Ke Khiladi” which really cemented his legacy as an actor. He came to be known as the Dangerous Dutt because of the Action flicks he was always part of.

— The start of controversy and the exploration into politics —
Dutt  has had his issues with Substance abuse right from the get go and has often credited it to be the reason for many of the problems he faced in life. He was in and out of the rehab through his career but that was not to change his luck because the star eventually found himself tangled up in controversy again with the 1993 Mumbai attack where he was found guilty in possession of illegal arms.

Later on the prodigal son of the film industry joint the Indian political system, he received mixed reviews as most people did not see him in the same light any more.

— Return to the Film Industry —
Even though he never really left the industry, Dutt faced a slump in his popularity as time passed on and eventually it was time for a change. in 2003 he starred in the Movie “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.” changing the bad boy action hero persona to the lovable giant persona that everyone loves and that started his rise in the industry again.

Following the Munna Bhai series he went on to star in many popular movies even today. in no way has the stars career come to a hault. he can demand anywhere between 2 – 4 Crore for movies which is still quite a lot.

— Luxury House —
He may not be the most prominent Celebrity in the industry but his love for cars and luxury knows no bounds. he has seen many beautiful cars come and go as part of his stint with luxury and has owned quite a few like a lexus LX 470 and even a Rolls Royce Ghost and he also received a Bentley as a gift on his 51st birthday.

Sanjay has an apartment in Bandra which is pretty expensive its estimated to be priced at nearly 30 Crore especially considering that a floor in the building is dedicated to the stars own private Swimming pool and gym.

Sanjay is certainly a prominent figure in Hindi Cinema and if he has something to say about it he will continue to be for the next few years.

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