Roscoe Dash Net Worth! How wealthy is Roscoe Dash?

Original Name Jeffery Johnson Jr.
Roscoe Dash Net Worth $4 Million (USD)
Annual Income  $1 Million

Talented rapper Roscoe Dash net worth is of $4 million, who is new to the hip hop scene and he seems to be building his fan base quite fast, while his real name is Jeffery Johnson his on stage name is a tribute to his background and where he comes from.

Roscoe broke into the scene in 2009 with his hit single “All the Way Turnt Up”. The song was not part of an album but made a lot of sales and jumped rapidly on the charts. Roscoe started rapping at a young age but had it down as a skill by the time he was 12, his compositions were rough but they were good enough for the young kid hoping to get into mainstream music, his eccentric personality and punk rock look was not so common for the hip hop world but he squeezed through quite well.

Roscoe Dash Net Worth

Roscoe Dash Breakthrough

Dash would create his first stage name which was ATL for his band of rappers who called themselves “Black Out Boiz” aka B.O.B. which were receiving a lot of traction. While he was in the group he was also making mix tapes to market himself as an independent rapper and that’s where Rosco dash was born.


Roscoe is a new name in the world of rap and hip-hop that’s why he would generally collaborate with a couple of other artists to appeal to a wider musical audience. That was a problem when the star was not given credit enough for his work on those projects the most famous case bring with Travis porter and Meek Mill& the gang. There has been a lot of arguments between the artists and sometimes even bridges burnt.

Interesting facts about Roscoe Dash

  • When Roscoe was young he used to steal the beats his brothers created to make his own form of karaoke which he would then use to practise rapping later.
  • To start his solo projects Roscoe would produce his tracks in his basement recording studio which was affordable for him at the time.
  • The rapper is also working on a project titled “The Untold Story of Roscoe Dash” which to no one’s surprise is his back story. The album does not have a release day but it already has a movie that shares its title with the same idea.

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