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Richard Grieco Net Worth

Many sites are claiming that Richard Grieco net worth is $2.5 million and their post is over 3 year old? So is that means during 3 years his net worth stuck at same amount? As per our calculation the current net worth should be $3 million.

Richard Grieco Net Worth and Biography

Richard Grieco Net Worth $3 million
Source of Income Acting
Birthday date March 23, 1965
Source of Income Acting
Annual Income $0.2 Million
Girlfriend Single

Richard Grieco, born in 1965 is a popular singer and a fashion model. He is also a popular American actor and television producer with his birth place in New York, United States. Besides acting in movies and television productions, he also takes classes, which further accumulated his net worth.

Richard Grieco Net Worth

Richard Grieco appeared in many advertisements, including Armani, Chanel and Calvin Klein. He became very busy in his acting profession in 1980s. He appeared for the soap opera, “One Life to Live” for two seasons. 21 Jump Street brought him a huge success in his career, in which he appeared as the Detective Dennis Booker.

You can also see Richard Grieco appearing in many reality contest shows on the television in recent days. He entered into the singing profession in 1994 with Dunmore Band. He also released CD with title “Waiting for the Sky to Fall” in 1995. To add to his credit and success, he also featured in video game, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. In his video game he appeared as the Ghost rider.

To say about his personal life, Richard Grieco although remained single, he has a son with the popular model and actress Kimber Sissions, who was his former girlfriend.

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