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Rene Russo Net Worth! – How wealty is Rene Russo?

Original Name Rene Marie Russo
Rene Russo Net Worth $40 Million (USD)
Annual Income  $4 Million
Husband  Dan Gilroy

Rene Russo is the story of the American dream, she is the story of going from rags to riches, she has come up from nothing and if you might have been born after the iconic era of the 70’s its time that you know that Russo started off her career as a model what eventually transitioned into the awesome world of acting.

Rene Russo Net Worth

Today in 2015 she is 61 years old but she is still young at heart plus she has aged very well. After her iconic stint in the 90’s she became a pop icon recently when she starred opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the critically acclaimed “nightcrawler”

Behind the Curtains

Born in Burbank, California Rene was always an inquisitive but well raised child, she was raised alone by her mother and was known to be a hard worker. Today she might wear the most expensive clothes money can buy but there were times when she could not even afford a decent pair of jeans.

Rene had to work pretty hard to make her ends meet, working at the gas station, supermarket and even the theatre she often had two jobs at once and worked hard. Her luck changed when she was at a rolling stones concert as she was spotted by a recruiter who went ahead and pushed her into modelling, she has been on the cover of some of the he biggest magazines much before she hit her jazz with the movie industry.

Rene shocked the world when she could hold her own against some of the icons of the movie world, her male counterparts like Clint Eastwood, Pierce Brosnan and even Mel Gibson said she was a force to be reckoned with. Rene is not just wavy blue hair and shattering red eyes she is the heart-breaker at her best.

Interesting Facts

  • Rene might be from California but she is a massive Boston Red Sox Fan and tries to watch all of their matches.
  • Rene has had a history of ailments like Scoliosis when she was young along with the bipolar syndrome, in addition she was allergic to a lot of stuff including sesame.
  • Rene almost never met her husband Dan Gilroy because she and Gilroy both refused to work on the film “Freejack” where they met, but it’s because of their reconsidering the opportunity they got a chance to meet.
  • You might recognise Rene playing the role of Thor’s step mother in the movie “Thor: The Dark World”

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