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Priyanka Chopra Net Worth – Biography & Salary 2016

Original Name Priyanka Chopra
Net Worth $54 million (USD)
Rs 324 Crore
Source of Income Acting
Annual Income Rs 25 Crore

She is the charming beauty of born in the valley area of Jharkhand known as Jamshedpur. She belongs to the doctor’s family where her parents Ashok Chopra and Madhu Akhauri both were professional doctors. As per the report, I could conclude that she is the father’s daughter. The best mode that she considered to express her close relation is by tattoo inscribed “Daddy’s Lil Girl” on her left hand wrist. This depicts the love bond with her family and especially her father, who is carcinomas. She considers that this career is a gift to her parent and younger bro, Siddharth.

Priyanka Chopra Net Worth

-=- Biography -=-
The girl who turned 31 makes a huge earning on annual basis of INR 39.67 Crore. She is known to charge a handsome amount of INR 9 Crore for signing a movie. And, the most amazing thing is that her charges are growing day-by-day. Beside this, she even credited huge income from endorsements deals
.-=- Financial records -=-Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra has acclaimed her net worth to be around $54 million. She is the prominent talent of Bollywood exploring herself as a singer-songwriter as well as gorgeous beauty pageant in the year 2000.

-=- Introduction of Bollywood -=-

She was 17, when she made her first step toward success with the crown of Miss World in the year 2000. Soon she started migrating from modeling career to acting world. She made her first debut as an actress in the year 2002 with a famous Tamil movie known as “Thamizhan”. Next year, she made her debut in the Bollywood with the movie “The Hero” that was soon followed with the role in the super hit movie “Andaaz”.

-=- Incredible movies credited into her name -=-

She received good reviews and feedback from the audiences and critics for her impressive role in the movie “Aitraaz”.  This was the turning point in her career as well as earned the accolade for the best female actress in the Global Indian Film Awards. But, she received her cup of coffee with the movie “Fashion” in which she was appreciated for the role of complicated model. This movie earned her great fame in the world of Bollywood with the winning of National Film Awards and Filmfare awards for the nomination of best actress. Beside this, she has been rendering a list of successful movies such as Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Barfi and Agneepath, etc. She is nicknamed in Bollywood as Piggy Chops” that was provided to her on the set of the movie Bluffmaster!

-=- Other domain of her interest -=-

Moreover, she is known as a fantastic singer as well as songwriter. Till date she has introduced 3 songs which were simply awesome. She came up as singer in the year 2012 with her first song “In My City” that was followed by another single “Erase” and then “Exotic”. Beside this, she has kept herself engaged in the stage show performance as well as made initiative to write columns in the national newspaper. She was even associated with the charity work.

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