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Mark Henry Net Worth – Salary in 2016

 Mark Henry Original Name Mark Jerrold Henry
Net Worth $5 million (USD)
Annual Income $1.5 million
Wife Jana Henry

Mark Henry is the name of professional wrestler and weightlifter with huge amount of net worth that ranges approximately $4.5 million. He is admired as the strongest man with time in the dynasty of Wrestling. He is a reputed and well trained wrestler who has defeated lot many known wrestler such as John Cena, Big Show, Batista, Randy Orton and many more. But, he was defeated in the event of Wrestle Mania by The Undertaker. Moreover, he is the man with great athletics skill and in his career he is known to be the winner of the title WWE.

Net Worth & Salary

His net worth is entirely dependent on the source such as Wrestling and WWE. He has earned the net worth from his professional career. As per the info, he is known to withdraw a cheque of salary $877,000 every month that sums up to $1.5 million as his annual package that he fetches in return of contribution in WWE.


He is the strong man who basically is an American citizen who belongs to Silsbee destination of Texas. He was before known as Mark Jerrold Henry. Later, he got married to Jana Henry and till date leading a happier life. During these days, he received his training under Leo Burke who belonged to the hart wrestling family of Lewis Hotchin.

What He Did Before Wrestling?

Before making his debut as a professional wrestler with WWE, Mark was showed his involvement as a powerlifter and even weightlifter. He initiated his power lifting career while he was in Silsbee high school. He then moved ahead to fetch the titles such as Texas state champion and even National High School champion. During this period of time he held a number of records as a teen in total and squats because of which he was provided the title of “the world’s strongest teenager” by Los Angeles Times when he just 18 years older.


Success As Weightlifter And Power-lifter

Soon he made his professional debut in 1992 summer Olympics and occupied 10 positions in the super heavyweight class. This made him rock as an American Openwinner in the same year. Mark soon after this success encountered wide range of championship during the period of 1993 and 1994 such as US National Weightlifting Championship and US Olympic Festival Championship. Later, in the next year 1995, he succeeded to winning gold, bronze and silver medals that were offered for weightlifting in Pan American games held at Mar Plata. As per the record, he has till date earned 13 gold medals in many of the strongman championship.

Success in Wrestling

In 1996, he was introduced as a professional wrestler of WWF (world wrestling federation). He had signed this 10 years contract after he had a combat in the 1996 Summer Olympics. Meanwhile, he was even associated with WWE where his contribution is quite impressive one. During this phase of his career, he was declared as the winner of WWF European champion as well as World Championship for more than 1 time. He is still on with his professional career and in the year 2002, he turned out to be winner of “Arnold strongman Classic”.

Contribution In Hollywood:

With a wrestling career, he is even made his appearance in a number of movies such as Incarnate, A haunted house 2 and MacGruber.

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