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Manny Pacquiao Boxer Net Worth

 Professional boxer Manny Pacquiao Original Name Manny Pacquiao
Net Worth $100 Million
Annual Income $10 Million (approx)
Wife Jinkee Pacquiao

His Current Net Worth

Manny Pacquiao is what many people call a super human athlete, not because he is more talented than others at the sport but he is so versatile at everything else you wonder, what can he not do? With a net worth of $100 million he not only ranks in the highs of the world’s richest boxers by Forbes with a flair for acting, singing and to add the icing on the cake is a famous politician in his homeland of the Philippines. Manny Pacquiao is a boxing legend and is the first and only to acquire eight divisional championships which is nothing short of impressive.

Manny Pacquiao is truly a big blast in a small package because he is unconditionally small for a boxer at only 5ft 6in but he makes up for that with his aggressive stance and leaping ability, he is one competitor you don’t want to meet in the ring.

The Boxer with a Million abilities
Manny Pacquiao is one versatile individual while training for boxing he would be spending his time auditioning for a couple of small roles too, he was always fascinated by the arts and this took his efforts one stage ahead. Manny says he requires a balance in disciplines that’s why boxing is not hos only love because acting, music, singing and sports all take up his life with equal importance. He would act as an extra in films and appear as a guest on talk and game shows, but he started his real acting career in 2005 with Violett Films ‘Lisensyadong Kamao’ and that was just the start of it.

Manny is also an established singer and certainly a good one because he has a hardcore fan following for himself in the Philippines, he has released a couple of singles and a few albums too which were well received. He sold nearly 4 million albums of his music and the media regard him as the poster child for versatility in the country.

How did Manny Pacquiao conquer the world of boxing?
Through the Philippines Manny Pacquiao is a lendend for many reasons, but the best known reason is that he is nothing short of a boxing legend and future hall of famer. Manny has won an astonishing 56 wins with only 4 losses and 2 draws which puts him in another league all together. He has fought his way up the ranks and can earn up to $4 million per match but considering he started with a paycheck of only $20,000 you can see the rise of this superstar. Many is very down to earth and as a disciplined schedule what’s better is that he is his own manager most of the time.

He is also the coach for his basketball team and what’s cooler is that he is also a sanctioned player for the same team, now that’s the case of pupil being the teacher. He plays for the Philippine Basketball association and he is so well respected in the basketball community that he was made an honorary member of the Boston Celtics of the NBA

Manny Pacquiao is a radical force in sports entertainment and is truly a versatile person who is also a great guy, now that’s a combination hard to make.

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