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Mahesh Bhatt Net Worth

Renowned movie director Mahesh Bhatt has a net worth of $48 million and he earn about Rs 12 crore from his movies. Check his car and family info updated in 2017. Mahesh Bhatt is a prominent Bollywood director born on twentieth September nineteen forty eight. He is known for his realistic cinema and hard hitting perspective. His journey as a director when he was casually introduced to film director Raj Khosla Through . His first step towards achieving his goal was to assist Mr Khosla. His hard work paid  off when he was given the opportunity to debut as a  director with the movie Manzilein Bhi Hai which was released in Nineteen Seventy Four.

Mahesh Bhatt

Name Mahesh Bhatt
Net Worth $48 Million
Source of Income Film directore
Salary from per Movie INR 11 Crore
Birth Date September 20, 1948
Birth Place Mumbai, India
Wife Soni Razdan
Ex-Wife Kiran Bhatt (m. 1970–1990)

He is talent was recognized when he won the Filmfare for the film Lahu Ke do Rang which released in Nineteen Seventy Nine.His work was much appreciated and he earned critical claim for his movie Arth which was released in 1982.

Mahesh Bhatt Family

While his professional life had taken wings his personal life also fortified as a married his childhood sweetheart Kiran who was Lorraine Bright before marriage. Mahesh Bhatt is known to draw inspiration from real life and his personal love story became the inspiration to the very successful movie Aashiqui. His children Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt belong to him and his wife Kiran. His creative talent passed on to his daughter Pooja who later became a successful actress garnering much praise for he acting skills. Mahesh Bhatt’s rise to fame however was shadowed by his troubled marriage and he divorced his first wife and married his second Soni Razdan whom he later fell in love with. They have two children Alia Bhatt who is young upcoming actress and Shaheen Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt as  Director

He has given to his audience thought provoking movies like Saraansh at the same time entertaining movies like “Dilhai Ki Manta Nahiin”. His last movie as director is Kartoos. He has experimented with various forms of story and expression foraying into television. Today he is approximately worth Two Million.

Mahesh Bhatt’s Net worth

There is no such confirmed detail available, however Mahesh Bhatt net worth is estimated about $48 million which is around Rs 312 Crore – extracted from online sources.

Car Collection

Being a film director, Mahesh Bhatt also love cars and has collection of BMW, Benz and few other cars. Overall price of each car is nearly about Rs 1.5 Crore.

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