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Lalit Modi Net Worth

 Lalit Modi Original Name Lalit Kumar Modi
Net Worth $70 million (USD)
Rs 420 Crore
(in 2016)
Annual Income
Wife Minal Modi

Lalit Modi is a well known businessman and politician known to have an impressive net worth that could last for centuries. He is even admired as the founder of Cricket IPL best known as Cricket Indian Premier League.  The formation of this league is known to be the biggest innovation in India. In his career, he is even known for several controversies that has made him a part of gossip across the country.

What Curious About His Net Worth?

He is admired for his impressive net worth that appears to carry large number of zeros in it. This net worth has arrived entirely from his business and political image with large number of money coming every month.

-=- Personal Life -=-                                    

Lalit Modi is the actual native of New Delhi who was born in the famous businessman family of K.K. Modi. He is known to be married to Minal Modi. In his childhood day, he is characterized as arrogant and bit different from other Modi’s if his family. As per the report, it has been observed most of the family members are associated with cricket.

-=- Successful Career in Cricket Leagues -=-

He is prospering as a businessman as well as holding the designation of first commissioner of Cricket IPL. IPL is a multi billion project that is still is running successfully in the market. He is best admired as Chairman and Commissioner of IPL. Moreover, in his career, he was even appointed as the Chairman of Champion league. Within the period of 2008 to 2010, he was holding the position of vice president in “Board of Control for Cricket in India” best known as BCCI. Moreover, between the periods of 2005 to 2010, he was even acknowledged as Vice President of Punjab Cricket League. Recently, in May month of 2014, he was elected for the designation of President for Rajasthan Cricket Association.

-=- Shine of Business World -=-

Besides being a reputed man in the cricket world, he is even admired as successful businessman who is holding the designation of president and managing director in Modi enterprises. Side to it, he owns another business empire known as Goodfrey Phillips India that is one of the leading tobacco brand. In this company, he is appointed as its Executive director.

-=- Lalit’s Controversies Always In Newsstand -=-

Lalit Modi is well known name in the list of controversial personalities. With the successful 3 years completion of IPL tenure, Lalit Modi was found to be guilty due to misconduct acts in the internal political affairs which were lead to lifetime banning headed by BCCI. Howsoever, he denied to the fact but nothing could overcome the verdicts of BCCI. It was even in the headlines that he was threatened for his life due to which he had to migrate to London along with his family.

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