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Keanu Reeves Actor Net Worth, House, Car & Salary

Original Name Keanu Charles Reeves
Net Worth $350 million (USD)
Source of Income Acting
Annual Income $20 million
Wife / Girlfriend Dated with Melissa Pearcy, Jill Schoelen, Sandra Bullock and few others.

Keanu Reeves is the famous actor who is nowadays rarely seen on the silver screen as he is known to spend most of his time as director and producer. This handsome personality has the aggregate net worth of $350 million which has made him a rich actor under the age of 50. It has considered that he is constantly adding a huge amount of money to his bank account on regular basis.

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

Overview on His Net Worth

As per the record, it has been observed that he is great actor who was paid highest during his reign but currently he is spreading his wings as film producer and director. All this effort has added to his net worth that ranges near about $350 million.


As far his salary concerned, then I must say that he is a really hero as he has constantly shown a rapid hike in his salary amount.  In 1994, he signed the role of Officer Jack Traven in the movie Speed at that the salary of $1.2 million. This amount considerably got heightened to $8 million in devil advocate’s movie. Later, he started receiving a salary of more than $40 million to portrait the role of Thomas Anderson and Neo.


The famous actor, musician, director and producer are known to be the descendant of Beirut that is located in Lebanon. He had spent majority of his childhood days with his family who were actually Canadians but had settled in Toronto. Since in childhood, Reeve’s suffered from Dyslexia therefore his education suffered and was compensated as a member of High School hockey team. Soon, after being casted in one of the school play named “Romeo and Juliet”. The keen interest towards acting career rose in him.

Acting Career

With this, he started his journey in Hollywood. He started working in with minor roles in several Canadian TV shows, commercials as well as other stage production. He earned his first break with movie, Youngblood that served as the platform to work with other co-star in different recurring roles.  He received his cup of coffee with the release of the movies like “smash-hit bill” as well as “ted’s excellent adventure” that together earned a huge amount of $40 million on domestic level. This passed him on as host for upcoming movies and dramas. Reeves name got added in the A-list with the success of his box office hit movie, speed that has made a gross income of $350.5 million from the domestic and international market. This movie was the turning point in his career as it had earned him 2 Academy Award. Reeves went on repeatedly experiencing his success and render another hit “the matrix” that was sci-friction movie to make the highest gross income of $1.6 billion. He entered the award winning list of Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2005.

Great Musician too

During his reign as an actor, he took time and launched himself as the co-founder of a band popular as Dogstar along with his best bee, Robert Mailhouse who is a fantastic actor and musician.

Successful Producer

Beside this, he is even known widen his arena as film producer and director with the introduction of movie “man of tai Chi” that is predicted to be a huge commercial success.

Love Life                                                                                                  

He was in love in the year 1999 but could stag long as she passed away in the year 2001 in an automobile wreck while partying. They have a stillborn baby out from their relation. But, currently he opts to be an eligible bachelor.

Luxury House

He is bit unusual from other stars as he opt to stay in rented house or hotel till the time he did not brought a house in Hollywood hill. In the year 2003, he splashed his money of $4 million on the purchase of a colorful house in Hollywood hill which he named as ‘CHATEAU MODERN’. This is spacious house blessed with every comfort and possessing the beauty of limestone tiles.

Cars and Motorbike

He is admired as huge fan of bikes and has invested huge sum on the purchase of exclusive bikes and cars. He has made the investment of $28000 on his most exclusive and adorable bike, Harley Davidson.

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