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John Layfield Net Worth

Former WWE wrestler John Layfield better known as JBL net worth is $9 million. Born in 1966, he married to Meredith Whitney and was getting good salary during wrestling career.  John Charles Layfield is a distinguished wrestler and a prolific sports commentator & television host from United States. In 2016, JBL’s estimated salary was approximately $530,000 for 2015-16. A former WWE Champion for a record 280 days, JBL is currently seen as a commentator for WWE RAW brand. He also hosts the popular show on trade market & financial analysis on FOX News TV Channel, named ‘Cost of Freedom’ and is the financial analyst for Fox News. He has appeared on CNBC for similar talk shows as guest panelist.

Name John Charles Layfield
John Layfield Net Worth $9 Million 
Yearly Salary $530,000
Source of Income Wrestling
Birth Date November 29, 1966
Birth Place Sweetwater, Texas, United States
Parents Lavelle Layfield and Mary Layfield
Height 1.98 m
Weight 290 lb
Girlfriend Meredith Whitney
Endorsement $200,000

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JBL is active on American Radio as well and presents a politically influenced talk show, discussing conservative politics, on every weekend. He runs the YouTube series of WWE named The JBL and Renee Show with his partner Renee Young. JBL is an ardent blogger and runs his own website named ‘The Layfield Report’ on his socio-political and sports views. He also owns the companies ‘Nutrition Market’, ‘Five Stones’ and ‘Layfield Energy’ along with real estate properties across the United States. JBL has also penned the financial bestseller book- Have More Money Now, adding to his income through royalty. He is currently appointed as the Senior Vice President for Northeast Securities.

JBL was born as John Charles Layfield on 29thNovember, 1966 in Sweetwater, Texas. His father, Lavelle Layfield is a minister while his mother, Mary Layfield is a homemaker. JBL began his professional wrestling career in during early 1992 with Global Wrestling Federation in Texas. Prior to this, he had been an avid football player and also a collegiate coach in Texas.

JBL has been married twice. He currently resides in Bermuda with his second wife, Meredith Whitney who is a financial analyst.

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