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John Cena Net Worth

Original Name John Felix Anthony Cena
Net Worth $35 million (USD)
Source of Income Wrestling
Annual Income $5 million
Girlfriend/Spouse  Nikki Bella


The glorious world of wrestling entertainment may not be all that real but what’s pretty authentic is the amount of money that’s poured into the companies yearly, the WWE is one of the few companies that clocks in Billions of dollars each year from countless fans across the globe and one of the many people that have ushered the company into the new Millennium is the charismatic John Cena. And being the cash cow of the company he has earned countless titles and is one of the richest wrestlers not just in the WWE but in the world too, He clocks in at a net worth of nearly $35 Million which he earned over the past decade.

Professional wrestler John Cena Net Worth

— The Champ is Rich —
John Cena is one of the Most recognised man in the world, they say that more people might know him over the president of the united states, that’s the reach of Cable Entertainment today. Standing tall as one of the overachievers in the WWE John has earned a stunning 22 Titles and is a staggering 15 time World Champion. John has Highlighted WWE’s greatest events called Wrestlemania which is one of the most watched sports events in history, it stands in line with the Super Bowl and even the World Cup making it one hell of an event.

Cena is also widely recognized because he is one of the people who volunteer for the Make-a-wish foundation and he has granted hundreds of children around the world happiness of meeting their idol. His ideals stand for Hustle Loyalty and Respect and he certainly believes he lives up to them.

— Is John Cena the King Of Merchandise & Media? —
Many people including his fans Call John Cena the walking Billboard because of the sheer amount of Merchendise he advertises for the WWE. He has acted in almost a dozen films and is the face for many products including Gillette, Fruity Pebbles, Gold’s Gym and even the almighty sandwich shop Subway which pumps in Millions of dollars to the wrestlers bank account every year.

John earns close to $5 Million each year from just his wrestling job, plus he also gets a cut from the merchandise sold which just gets the notes piling. Considering he has all his travelling and accommodations paid for by the company it’s easy to see how john has racked up such a heavy net worth. This Wrestling star also gets a Spending limit of nearly 1.2 Million when he is on tour with the WWE.

— The Legacy of John Cena —
Cena has been living life in luxury after becoming a world icon and he takes his comfort seriously, a little too seriously sometimes. Cena’s House in Florida is as big as they get, Packed with all the latest amenities and some very serious luxuries the Cena Residence has multiple walk in closets, a modern pool, a couple of fireplaces and everything you come to expect from a millionaires Mansion.

Though his mansion is great and all we feel like the only reason he has it is for sheltering his massive car collection. Being a diehard fan of classic American Muscle cars cens has amassed a collection people can only dream about like the 1971 Plymouth Road Runner, 1969 COPO Camaro or even the 2006 Ford GT, the list can go on and on.

Now since john has a long way to go and he is nowhere near the end of his career what the future holds is a mystery so come back in a few years his net worth might be in the hundred millions by then.

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