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Jim Brown Net Worth

Original Name James Nathaniel Jim Brown
Net Worth $50 million (USD)
Annual Income $2 Million
Wife Monique Brown
Sue Brown (1959–72)

Jim Brown, a professional football player was born in St. Simons, Georgia on February 17, 1936.This former American football player is also known to all across the world as an actor. His current net worth is estimated to be $ 50 million, which is considered to be the highest.

Brown, football as his career, has a great football history during 1957-65 with Cleveland Browns. As a strong and challenging player of quickness he led the league eight times. His dedication and obsession as a player, he was elected to National Lacross Hall of Fame. He was also elected to the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

Jim Brown Net Worth

Jim Brown also pursued his career in the film industry as an actor. From his record-setting career as a football player for nine years, he was recognized as the greatest professional football player ever in the history by the Sporty News

He made his major income from his profession as American football player, athlete, actor, actor and voice actor. Brown was educated and graduated from Manhasset Secondary School and Syracuse University.


Jim’s net worth came from different channels including NFL, film and television. He started his football career in his college and during this period, he excelled at various sports in addition to football such as basketball, track and lacrosse. However, his full attention was on football.

Jim entered film industry in 1964 as an actor in his debut movie, Western Actioner, Rio Conchos. He also appeared in various other films and one of his most famous roles was in The Dirty Dozen. During the production of his debut movie, he formally announced his retirement from his career as footballer.

Some of the other popular movies of Jim Brown include, Mars Attacks and I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.

Jim Brown’s father was also involved in sports, but as a boxer.

The action movie “Ice Station Zebra”, made Jim become very popular. He was also chosen to perform a role in “100 Rifles”. Some of the other movies that added to the net worth of Jim Brown are: Dark of the Sun, Slaughter 2: Big Rip Off and The Grasshopper and El condor.

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