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Jerry Lawler Net Worth and Salary – 2016

Original Name Jerry O’Neil Lawler
Net Worth $7 million (USD)
Source of Income Wrestling
Annual Income $210,000
Wife Jerry married thrice and her last wife name was Stacy Carter.

Famous semi–retired wrestler, Jerry Lawler is an American who is serving WWE as a wrestler and commentator possessing handsome amount of $7 million as his net worth. He is currently in contract with WWE as commentator for Raw and WWE PPV. He is best known as Jerry “The King” Lawler in the wrestling world. He is admired as former world champion and has hosted 168 championships till date.

Jerry Lawler Net Worth

-=- Biography -=-                  

Jerry is the actual native of Memphis that is located at Tennessee. He is even known as the cousin of “the Honky tonk man”. He had been married thrice but hasn’t received get a whole time in his life. First, he got married to Kay and became father of 2 kids, Kevin and Brian.  The second son, Brian, is a former wrestler who is acknowledged with a pseudonym, Grandmaster Sexay. After getting separated from Kay, he got married to Paula but this marriage could not survive and finally, he again got married to Stacy Carter whom we even know as “The Kat”.

-=- Professional Career -=-

Jerry in the initial stage of his career introduced himself as a disc jockey. This was the place from where he received an exchange offer for delivery of free publicity in regards of local wrestling promotion and in return Jerry will receive wrestling lesson. Finally, he started receiving his training under Jackie Fargo and made his warm debut in the year 1970 with WWF. Next year, he succeeded to head as winner of Battle royal. Later on he enjoys the pledge of NWA Southern Tag Team Championship in association of his partner, Jim White under the management of manager, Sam bass.  In 1974, he got involved in an argument with his trainer and mentor, Jackie Fargo which consequently lead to a match of NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. In the mid period of 1974, he was even declared as the winner of the title “King of Wrestling.”

-=-  Amazing As A Solo Performer -=-

By the time he reached his desired destination, he decided to depart from his managerial, Sam.  In 1979, he worked harder to defeat Billy Graham in CWA to obtain the title of CWA World Champion. The majority of title that he has won is Southern Heavyweight Championship that is approximately 70 times. Howsoever, he has play uncountable matches but could never be declared as the hero in the race. By 1980, his career went into halt due severe fracture in the leg that did not allowed him to enter the ring for longer period.

-=- Other Arena Of Interest -=-                           

So, he decided to serve as a commentator as well as commercial artist who is well versed in designing graphics for different organization inclusive of WWE. Moreover, he has even served as a painter for the cover page of the wrestling comic well known as Headlocked.

-=- Involved In Controversies -=-
Even, he is known as famous commentator in the wrestling world of more than 20 year, but still enjoys getting involved in several types of controversies. One of the most famous controversies that he led to is the argument with comedian Andy Kaufman. This argument led to a fight in the ring between Andy and Jerry. This argument began when Andy took Jerry’s word too seriously- it was sentenced that Andy should wrestle with woman and declared himself as an inter-gender wrestling champion of the world.  This led to a fought and Andy got hospitalized and later this led to another controversy on the famous show, Late Night With David Letterman in which Andy had spoken obscene tirade against Jerry that lead to NBC threat for never to have a work on national TV channel.

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