Jarrod Schulz Net Worth – Girlfriend and Wiki

Seen on Storage Wars, Jarrod Schulz and his girlfriend Brandi Passante’s net worth is $1.5 million combined. Check out his wiki, salary and family detail. Gaining the fame from reality shows is one of the modern trends of American Television and Jarrod Schulz is also one of them. He was just a shop owner before appearing on the reality show ‘’Storage Wars’’, but the show has changed his life, he is now a celebrity. He appears on the show with his longtime girlfriend Brandee Passante.  This A & E TV series comes with a truly interesting, unique and exciting format, which is designed with storage hunting.

Jarrod Schulz

Name Jarrod Schulz
Net Worth $1.5 Million 
Yearly Salary $700,000
Source of Income TV Personality
Birth Date October 15, 1977
Birth Place California
Parents N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Child Camren Schulz and Payton Schulz
Partner Brandi Passante
Endorsement $200,000

Jarrod Schulz Family and Business

This colorful and adventurous person was born on 1977. He loves to take challenges from his childhood and it becomes the passion and profession then.  If we are going to give a glimpse about Jarrod Schulz, then it will be incomplete without his identity as an entrepreneur and a committed lover. He launched his store with his love of life Brandee Passante, in the posh and beautiful Orange Country. They both have two little angels in their life. They were met each other 15 years before when they were working on the same carpet cleaning company and eventually the friendship turns into love while they continuing the storage hunting. Now the eight seasons are over and they are still there on the show as they were the first participants of the particular show. From the show, they grabbed a big amount of popularity.

After the immense success of their first store, this lovers duo was inaugurated their next shop ‘’Now and Then”. Apart from running these shops, he also has an own line of clothing, Outlaw Apparel and interestingly he wears all the apparel from his own collection to envy the people.

Net Worth

From his most successful career, he has made an immense wealth, a net worth of $ 1.5 million and the annual salary from the show is $ 700,000.

He has a dark past before this glorious present. He had been in the prison for 16 months for illegal drug dealing. It was so very hard time of his life but he eventually overcomes the trauma and writes the successful story line of his life with his lady love. He loves to spend his life under the spotlight, so he is in the show from the first season.

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