Hugh Hefner Net Worth

Original Name Hugh Marston Hefner
Net Worth $45 million (USD)
Source of Income Business
Annual Income
Wife / Girlfriend Crystal Harris , Millie Williams, Kimberley Conrad

The word and brand Playboy has become a culturally significant icon and Hugh Hefner is the man to be credited for it, with a net worth of $45 Million from simply selling a magazine Hugh is one of the most respected entities in the industry. But Playboy is not just any normal magazine, it’s one of the most famous and sought after adult magazine brands there have ever been. Hefner has not only help make it famous but also added a dash of class to the brand.

Hugh Hefner Net Worth

The Playboy Enterprise is headed by Hugh even at the age of 88 with some beautiful ladies wrapped around him almost all the time. He is a man of immense taste and with an education in Psychology, arts and writing and he created an empire that would change the way we look at adult magazines forever.

The Road to Success
Hefner didn’t start off as an entrepreneur, it was because of his departure from esquire in 1952 that caused him to start the playboy magazine which would eventually bring him up to a net worth of $45 Million he started the magazine with a lot of loans and only the belief in his own ability.

Hefner has been a titan of industry for decades and has been no stranger to controversy, his ability to harm people gave him the business edge almost no other had.

Living in Luxury
Good old Hugh Hefner is a mighty big spender as documented in a court filling on his own finances, but before all that he has a monthly income of $116,667 income from playboy. He has close to 35 Million in stocks and bonds from the company side and generally pulls in money from a lot of other sources like royalties, pension, property rentals and a lot more. He specifically spends $25,000 a month on entertainment of different kinds and we don’t really imagine it to be anything like Xbox games.

Cars: Hefner like any other millionaire spends money on those beautiful road beauties and his collection is especially cool with cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo, several BMW’s and a couple of classic cars that you certainly cannot see in a museum.
he lives in the extraordinary Playboy Mansion which has a lifestyle standard of its own. Its real value is a mystery as everyone seems to be giving it a different price tag but one thing is for sure that this is not your average mansion with a wingspan of 20,000 sq ft. and amenities that put a five star hotel to shame.

8 things you probably didn’t know about Hugh Hefner

  • Hefner purchased the crypt nest to that of Marilyn Monroe’s in the Celebrity cemetery.
  • He has a breed of rabbits named after him.
  • His mansion has a library of over thousands of films embedded in his staircase
  • His brand Playboy was originally supposed to be named Stag Party
  • Hugh is a lazy guy considering he has all his meals in bed.
  • Hugh has said that he thinks he has had much over 2000 partners in bed.
  • Hugh donated a lot of money to own the rights to the “Y” alphabet in the Hollywood sign.
  • For the 50th anniversary of playboy Hefner threw 50 parties at 50 different venues around the world.

Hefner is a businessman that comes once in a generation and we are glad we were the one to witness him in all his glory.

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