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Original  Name Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand
Foxy Brow net worth $20,000,000
Husband /Boy Friend
Annual   Salary $242,000
Properties Number of Car and House

American popular rapper Foxy Brown estimated net worth is around $3 million recorded in 2016. Find her annual salary, popular song list, assets in detail. Time passes but people don’t change, that’s the nature of life and that’s exactly the case when it comes to good old Inga DeCarloMarchand who is better known as Foxy brown. You can take her out of the controversy but you can certainly not take the controversy out of her, because she is the brash sharp shooting hot head who does not mind pissing off a couple of people for her own gain.

Foxy Brown Net Worth

Foxy’s hard hitting attitude can come across rude and sometimes pretty bad because she has the habit of blowing up small arguments, she has had an incredible arrest record and served some time in jail also.

Now dog in town
Foxy doesn’t exactly come froma hard childhood like everyone expects, her mother was a teacher and gave education a high importance. Foxy wasn’t a fan of the stress on the books and hung out at her college or neighbourhood studio where she would practise her vocals.

She came out with Ill Na Na her first album which was pretty well received but she did not really make tracks until she released her second album Chyna Doll, at the break of the new millennium she became an instant hit and it wasn’t long before she started performing with famous acts like Cormega, AZ, Method Man and even Jay-Z.

The Big Bad Wolf                                          

Foxy has had more than a couple of altercations with law and is known to be a troublemaker more than anything else, in 1997 she was charged with assaulting a hotel worker when she spat on them for a stupid argument.

She has had several other issues with almost all kind of authority and she often does not go well with almost anybody, that’s one of the reasons she is one of the few hated celebrities around.

Foxy Brown luxurious car

Interesting facts about Foxy Brown

  • Brown was very ambitious when it came to her career her first album came out when she was just 16.
  • It’s a well-known fact that brown’s father abandoned her family but not many know that he did that to try his luck in the music industry specifically in the record business.
  • Foxy Brown has a mixture of a variety of heritages, along with being of Asian-Chinese descent she also has Afro-Trinidadianancestry.
  • Brown was in a car crash in 2000 and was arrested for driving without a license, later on she would have many more instances almost running over a baby carriage.


Songes year
I Can’t 1999
Can U Feel Me Baby 1999
Job 1999
My Life 1999
Tables Will Turn 2001
B. K. Anthem 2001
Oh Yeah 2001
Star Cry 2008
Brooklyn’s Don Diva 2008
We Don’t Surrender 2008

Foxy Brown Song List


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