Ratan Tata Net Worth

 Businessman Ratan Tata Original Name Ratan Naval Tata
Net Worth $1 Billion (USD)
Rs 6,100 Crore
Annual Income Rs 80 Crore (approx)
Properties Bungalow, Car, Jet

India is famous for many things but few people are actually famous for being the richest of the world, like Ratan Tata whose estimated net worth, as chairman of Tata group, is worth mentioning now which is large some of $1 billion. But, the striking feature is that if we club the 65% of his holdings in the Tata sons company, he will beat any rich man on earth with net worth nothing less than $70 billion.Rattan Tata is a highly educated man who has accumulated degrees from esteemed universities like Harvard and Cornell.


Rattan Tata was born to an influential Parsi family, though his was an unfortunate broken family. Rattan Tata is a very down to earth man who drives a Tata Sudan only to his office. And it’s now that after his retirement he has gifted himself, his much in news house on shores of Arabian Sea. Ratan Tata doesn’t have heirs simply because he doesn’t have his own family, never married,  other than the large Tata family, where he was adopted and started his career from.


What do we need to live a happy life? Success, wealth, health and space to do what one wants. Ratan Tata lives the most admirable life.He spends his time with his high speed cars, plays with his pets and enjoys reading his large collection of books and for entertainment he has astonishing collection of CDS. He possess the best speed boats, modified jets and innumerable cars. Time to surprise you with his admiration for Ferrari cars and the most recent one hyper-hybrid la Ferrari that he bought from Geneva.

Most prestigious honours

We all are well aware that Ratan Tata has dedicated his entire life to his work and country. He is a thorough gentleman. The entire world knows him for his most low-priced cars OF THE WORLD like NANO and INDICA. This Indian has earned most prestigious awards like Padma Vibushan in recent times and years back Padma Bhushan for his devotion to his country and many honours around the world. Few know, it was Ratan Tata who launched Tetley in tea business and because of him Tata Motors gave jaguar land rover to Indians and Tata became steal kings internationally with Corus.

One in billions

Ratan Tata is a living legend who went to school in Rolls Royce, and he brought the world to Tatafamily’s feet with his contribution as a chairman of the company. The very company under kind guidance of Ratan Tata has made tremendous efforts to support the people, NGO’s and organizations to make earth a better place. Ratan Tata and his entire clan and company has been and still is contributing their personal wealth too in many social works. The recent is against malnutrition in Indian children. and he has contributed rupees 300 crores for the underprivileged too.

Ratan Tata has though retired from chairman post but still holds important place in politics and jury panel for his subject architecture in India and internationally. What a man walks the world, what an inspiration is Ratan Tata.

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