Bill Rancic Net Worth

 American Entrepreneur and TV Personality Bill Rancic Original Name William Bill Rancic
Net Worth $5 million (USD)
Annual Income $1 million
Properties Giuliana Rancic

Any guess? About whom we are going to talk about?  Yes! He is bill Rancic who is famous TV personality with the approximate net worth of $5 million. Today, we will be talking about his net worth that has been earned with his tricks utilized to succeed in the business and entertainment world.


After making a wider research I was able to make out that his native place was Chicago, where he was groomed with the lesson of life. During teen days, his aim was to build career Criminal lawyer and later he got enrolled with the law school. But, never took law as his profession. Instead, he got interested towards online cigar business.

How did he enter TV World?

Soon after, receiving his success in the business world, he was offered the platform of Donald Trump’s Reality show known as “The Apprentices”. In this show, he appeared as contestant where he needed to compete with young professional to earn one fantastic opportunity.  This show had the maximum hit of viewers 20.7 million

Success as Trump’s apprentice

He succeeds in earning desired position in the Trump’s real estate project and was select to work on the management of construction of Trump Tower Chicago. He executed the task of sales and marketing for the project since the period of inception, 1999. The one year contract kept on renewed for consecutive 9 year that is 2007.

Other excellent TV show

His success earned offered him, the position of substitute judge in the upcoming apprentice season. Later, he was launched in a TV talk show popular as “In the Loop with iVillage” which enhanced his popularity. After the end of this show, Rancic went forward to host another superb reality show “We Mean Business on A&E”.

Where did he found his love?

The famous reality show, “We Mean Business on A&E” brought sudden change in his personal life. Any guess about what it was? Yes, the fragrance of love that makes one feel happier. The drop of love in his life is Giuliana Rancic who is known as the journalist anchor of E! News. She is the mastermind behind the popularity of a production company, “You and I Productions”. They together appear on the TV show titled as “Guliana and Bill”.

Assets to reveal his richness

I was stunned after conducting a small research on the real estate’s property own by Bill. You would even be surprised to known that he is the owner of vast number of house in California that includes Los Angeles and Brentwood. During his struggling period, he lived in Chicago where they had their own houses.  He had spent the maximum time in Chicago where his wife given birth to their first kid. He is even known be a great fan of sporty as well as luxurious cars that has no limit.

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