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Emraan Hashmi Net Worth – Biography, Salary & Car

Original Name Emraan Hashmi
Net Worth $12 million (USD)
Source of Income Acting
Annual Income
Wife Parveen Shahani

-=- Earning & Net Worth -=-

Sexiest actor of Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi has announced his net worth to be around $12 million. He would always be remembered for his sensational start up as an actor with the movie, Murder that is considered to be the biggest commercial hit movie.  Day-by day, his career is rising high and it has been even concluded that he charges around 8-10 crores for every movie he signs.

Emraan Hashmi Net Worth

-=- Private Life -=-

He hails from a reputed Bollywood family that is of director, Mahesh Bhatt and was born in Mumbai. He has his ancestor belonging to Muslim community.  In his off-screen life, he has beautiful wife who was his ex-girlfriend, Parveen Shahani. In the year 2010, he became a dedicated father of baby son named Ayaan Hashmi.

-=- Shining Star Of Bollywood -=-

Before making his entry as an actor, he has served the industry as assistant director. During this time, he had worked with Vishesh Film production for the release of the box office hit movie known as Raaz that was directed by Vikram Bhatt. In 19th year, he entered Bollywood as an actor with the movie “Footpath” that did not worked out well in the box office and was considered as a flop movie. He came into focus with his excellent role in the sensational and thriller movie, Murder that is still considered to be a great box office hit.  In his career, he mainly used to prefer Vishesh Film and even rendered a number of hits. Howsoever, his performance was not praised by the critics who offered him the title of “serial kisser”. This drawback in his performance made him “one note actor” amongst critics. In order to improve his bad reputation in the industry he made tremendous effort to come with his role that you could see in the movies like Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, The Dirty Picture, etc. this movies offered wider acclaim for which he worked hard and he gradually turned to a leading contemporary actor of the decade. During his successful tenure, he was honored with Filmfare award nomination for 3 times.

-=- Incredible Assets -=-

He known to be passionate about cars and has a huge range of cars that are considered to be a worthiest choice for actors. Amongst range of variable cars there are Lamborgini, Mercedes, Prosche, Ferrari and recently purchased Audi Q7 of white color. He is even possessing his power over a small house in Mumbai where he lives with his family. He even known to own a magnificent bungalow in the tourist attraction of Maharashtra that is Goa.

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