Ellie Kemper Net Worth

Original Name Ellie Kemper
Net Worth $4 million
Source of Income Acting
Annual Income $500,000
Husband  Michael Koman

Ellie Kemper net worth – A popular TV and film actress is estimated to have the net worth of $4 million. She accumulated her overall net worth mostly from her acting.

Ellie Kemper is a popular comedian and with her outstanding performance, she has gained millions of fans and audience from round the globe.

Ellie Kemper net worth

Besides knowing her as the popular actress and comedian, she is also a well-known writer, which further added to her net worth.

Ellie Kemper has performed in many TV series, especially on NBC’s The Office, in the role Erin Hannon.

One of the films that made her very popular in the film industry was Bridesmaids. In this movie she played the supporting role. Following this movie, she also appeared in 21 Jump Street.

Ellie Kemper is now playing the leading role in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Born in 1980, Ellie Kemper now lives in New York, U.S. She became very popular from her movies, Get Him to the Greek and The 3rd Floor.  Although the actress is experiencing rough times currently, her net worth is making her to stay still on top position and get many new opportunities.


This highest paid actress is estimated to have the net worth of $82 million in 2016 from her combined earnings.

People with Money reports the actress is getting back on top position in the industry, besides of the closest competition.

She also has income from other sources which includes her investments, endorsements with cosmetic brands like Cover Girl and also from other properties that she owns.

Ellie Kemper also owns many restaurants, to name, Fat Kemper Burger in Washington. She also has a football team, Kansas City Angels and she also launched her brand Vodka, Pure Wonder kemper. She is also into the fashion line in the name, Ellie Kemper Seduction, while also dealing with top-selling perfumes. Undoubtedly, these sources are going to make Ellie Kemper one of the richest celebrities in the U.S with tough competition to other popular actress and her competitors.

Ellie Kemper’s annual salary was estimated to be $500,000.00, monthly salary, $42,000.00. Her weekly and daily salaries were estimated to be $10,400.00 and $1,500.00.

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