Deepak Chopra Net Worth

Original Name Deepak Chopra
Net Worth $80 Million
Source of Income Author
Annual Income $6 Million
Properties Villa and Car

Deepak Chopra is a popular Indian-American physician, author and public speaker.  He is also a popular medicine advocate, who is described as “Controversial New-Age Guru”. His books and videos made him become very popular and wealthiest personality with the estimated net worth of $ 80 million.

Deepak Chopra added his net worth as a public speaker, author and physician. In 1980 on practicing the transcendental meditation he established Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center to benefit a huge population across the world.

Deepak Chopra Net Worth

The book “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternatives to Growing Old” written and published by Deepak Chopra in 1993 made him become very popular, while increasing his audience from round the globe. Many admired his holistic approach.  Besides all, this remarkable book also got him coverage in “People” magazine, following an interview on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”

Deepak Chopra lovely house

Deepak Chopra did not stop with this and he continued to write many books, which exceeded 50. These books were translated into 35 languages to benefit people of different regions and country.

Deepak Chopra gives his regular contribution to Huffington post. He also writes for other popular magazines “The Washington Post” and “San Francisco Chronicle”.

Born in New Delhi, on October 22, 1947 is an endocrinologist by profession, while he also studied Ayurveda. His interaction with the popular Archaraya Mahesh Yogi intended him to set up the American Association of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Deepak Chopra obtained MD in 1968 and immigrated with his family in 1970 to the US.  Specializing in Endocrinology in 1973, he became the Chief of Staff at the New England Memorial Hospital. With the wide knowledge and experience in medicine, science and spiritualism, he gave answers to various lifestyle conditions, which eroded spiritualism especially in the western societies.

In addition to all his above said sources of income to add to his net wealth, he also invests in the stock market.

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