Chuck Liddell Net Worth – House, Wife, Salary

Former MMA from California Chuck Liddell has a net worth of $13 Million. Find the house he bought along with annual salary, car, wife & children. Although, Chuck Liddell is known to have retired from his career as martial artists, there is nothing to deny that he achieved and earned a lot. Chuck Liddell’s per year income was roughly estimated to be $4 million.

Name Charles David Chuck Liddell
Net worth $13,000,000
Birth Day December 17, 1969
Annual   Salary $4,000,000
Wife Heidi Northcott
Properties Car , House

Chuck Liddell was also the Champion of Ultimate Fighting Championship Light Heavy Weight Division.

Chuck Liddell net worth

He has won a huge amount of prize money, which in fact added to his net worth, making him a millionaire.

It is not only in martial arts, but Chuck Liddell also excelled in karate, kickboxing. He also had a huge passion and obsession to kempo and wrestling. Besides all, how many do else know his great interest towards Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Astonishingly, his hard work and dedication in his career, made him became the second highest most knockouts, ever in the history of Ultimate Fighting Championship, before he retires, while the first place to Anderson Silva.

Chuck Liddell lovely house with pool

Born in Santa Barbara, California, Chuck Liddell became a great athlete. He was brought up by his mother and grandmother. He started learning koei-kan at his young age of 12. He showed more interest in playing football during his high school. He also took part in wrestling during his school days. His great interest in wrestling made him become the Division I Wrestler at the California Polytechnic State University.

Chuck Liddell with his car

Chuck Liddell did his graduation in Accounting, however, he never gave up fighting for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He became fully engaged in this championship in 2010.

Chuck Liddell has made the professional record 21-8 in fighting. Although he won just $1000 in his first match in UFC, he quickly became popular, especially fighting against Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz. These matches paid him $500,000 per fight, which certainly added to his net worth. In addition to it, the book sales, sponsorships and many other endeavors increased his income and net worth.

Chuck Loddell and his wife Heidi Northcott with his little baby

Chuck Liddell not only became popular from fighting, but he also appeared in many television shows. He also appeared dancing with the popular stars and coached the UFC team in the inaugural season.

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