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Original Name Christopher Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker Net Worth $11.5 million (USD)
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Arguably one of the funniest comedians to set foot in Hollywood, Chris Tucker who is also a humanitarian off screen is worth a staggering $11.5 million. This African American entertainer was born on the 31st of August in 1971 in and catapulted to fame with the role of Detective John Carter in the Rush Hour series. He was also a part of the Academy Award Winning movie Silver Linings Playbook along with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

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Mary Louise and Norris Tucker were blessed with Chirstopher Tucker in their home at Atlanta, Georgia and spent most of his childhood at nearby Decatur and attended Columbia High School. His father was the owner of a janitorial service. After his graduation, he made a life changing move to Los Angeles, to pursue his dream career in Hollywood and show business. He started to appear regularly on Def Comedy Jam, a free spirited comedy show.

He was recognized for performing clean stand up comedy routines with little to no vulgarity expressed in them while all his fellow comedians were deemed by major audiences to be very abusive. Insult and observational comedy are his forte, while he also does a bit of Black comedy. His fast talking skills which later came to be known as motormouth talking and his high pitched voice received much recognition.

1994 marked Tucker’s film debut as he starred in House Party 3 with several other actors. The year after that, Tucker acted in his most hilarious film of all time, Friday. The fact that he appeared alongside rapper Ice Cube only added to Tucker’s image and he was quoted saying that he sometimes improvised his script to make it more interesting to the audience. Tucker went on to star in hit after hit with amazing performances in The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis, Money Talks in which Tucker was seen alongside Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear and the Quentin Tarantino crime and drama thriller Jackie Brown with Pam Grier and Samuel L Jackson.

Chris Tucker struck gold in 1988 when he was signed on to star along with Jackie Chan in the movie Rush Hour. This movie grossed over 200 million dollars worldwide which paved the way for two sequels. For Rush Hour 3, Tucker signed a $25 million dollar contract which made him the highest paid actor in the world.

Apart from films, Tucker has also appeared in music videos of his good friend the legendary Michael Jackson and also testified in his defence when Michael was charged with the child molestation case.


This actor has been known to be lavish towards houses. His California property is worth over $1 million while his Mulholland Park house has 5 bedrooms which include a personal harbour. He made a profit of $2 million on this house when he sold it eventually. An Aston Martin seems to be Tucker’s favourite and he can be seen cruising around in it frequently.

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Chris Tucker has a net worth of $11.5 million which tells us that he is a very successful actor.

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