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Chanel West Coast Net Worth – Richest Rapper

Original Name Chelsea Chanel Dudley
Net Worth $2 million
Source of Income Rapper
Annual Income $300,000
Boyfriend Liam Horne

With the estimated net worth of $ 2 million, Chanel West Coast appears on the MTV shows with Rob Dyrdek, The Fantasy Factory. She was rocking in the industry and pursuing with the same until now.

Although her net worth was estimated to be $2 million, she was filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and the court forgive her $29,0000 of debt, which allowed her to make some saving.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth

Chanel West Coast produced her first album in 2015.  Being of Russian origin, she also involves in many shows including music, modeling and acting. She also appears on TV. All these sources accumulated a huge amount of wealth to add to her net worth.

American popular rapper Chanel West Coast

American popular rapper Chanel West Coast

Originally known as Chelsea Chanel Dudley, she is popular in the entertainment industry as Channel West Coast.

Channel West Coast is a popular singer and rapper. She is also a popular songwriter and TV show star. However, her popularity increased only after she started appearing on the MTV shows Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory. These two TV shows earned her a huge amount of money adding to her net worth. She also became friend with Rob Dyrdek during her career with MTV.

Besides, Channel West Coast is also recognized as the voice actor, who gave voice for the character, Flipz in the Wild Grinders series.

Born in 1988, in California this popular TV personality was estimated to have the net worth of $1 million in 2014 and 2015. The huge amount of her net worth was from ads, endorsements and sponsorship, which is $26,144. Her yearly income is estimated to be about $117,647. She also acted in a few movies, which added to her net worth such as, Ridiculousness, Wild Grinders and New Music Live.

The net worth of Channel West Coast in 2011 was $300,000 and in 2012 it was $600,000. Her net worth in 2013 was $850,000 and in 2014 it was $1,000,000. In 2015 it was estimated to be about $1,350,000.

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