Julian Lennon Net Worth

 British Musician Julian Lennon Original Name John Charles Julian Lennon
Net Worth $40 million (USD)
Annual Income $3 million (approx)
Properties House & Car

Music is a major part of our lives and the kind of music we listen to tells us more about ourselves the entire 60’s were dominated with peaceful hippy music like the Beetles and Bob Dylan and as time passed the music changed guiding the generations that followed. Julian Lennon is one of the jewels of an era gone by in music and is the eldest son of John Lennon one of the beetles who were the most iconic bands in history. Julian had some pretty big shoes to fill and today with a massive net worth of $40 Million many like to say that he has done so quite well.

Julian Being the son of one of the most iconic men of the century had some pretty big ideas and talent to fit those ideas, he was creative and immensely gifted like his father and dedicated his life to the pursuit of arts like photography. Julian has also influenced the beetles music when he was young in many way with some songs written for him.

Business Ideal & Net Worth
Julian has a net worth of a little short of $40 Million and he has earned that right from his pretty eventful childhood. Julian started singing and had the opportunity at making records right from his days in school, he got a chance to record and release his own music album by the age of 11 titles “Valotte”. It was a success and even made its way up to the Grammies.

Julian’s Music was often under criticism and judged because of the immense expectations people had for him. His music was criticised and popularised at the same time making a young julien look at other artistic pursuits like Acting, Fine art and Photography.

Sources of Income
Julian Pulled in a massive $1.2 Million for the sales of his first album, he was a millionaire from his own efforts before he was 15. He went on to act in several movies like The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, Leaving Las Vegas and even a few documentaries about his beloved father.

Julian Lennon being an avid photographer often conducted Photography exhibitions his most famous being “Timeless: The Photography of Julian Lennon” which consisted a collection of total 35 pictures.

Even in a time when his musical career was declining he picked up a respectable $563,000 for his album “The Secret Value of Daydreaming”

The Inheritance and Legacy
The Lennon family has had profound effect on the whole world either through its music or philanthropy or art or many of the other things that it created in this harsh world. And like his father Julian Lennon is also an influential man through his philanthropy with the White Feather Foundation along with the Whaledreamers Organization spending and Donating millions at the cause

Julian Lennon might have grown up in the shadows of his father but he never conformed to it or even became like him which Julian is proud of. He is humble and a caring man now trying to live a normal life.

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