Aamir Khan Net Worth

 Actor Aamir Khan Original Name Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan
Net Worth $200 million (USD)
Rs 1,200 Crore
Salary per Movie Rs 30 Crore average
Properties Bungalow, Flat, Car

Aamir Khan, as we people know as the intellectual, creative dynamic star,owes his brilliant riches of $150 million.Thanks to his celebrated talents, like acting both on big screen and small, award winning production and direction, reputed brand endorsements, and financially appreciated social works. Amir Khan has been the first Bollywood star to break the 100 crore stigma in world cinema.Let us disclose the striking fact that, Aamir Khan charges nothing less than 40 crores for every single movie.


Aamir Khan has knack of doing everything flawlessly. From movies, to the house he lives in, all is specimen of his perfectionist nature. Aamir has been living in the same place where he has spent his childhood in joint family, though has been expanding his adobe. But, recently his 60 crore two story apartment in Mumbai has made quite a sensation.Aamir is so attached to his roots, that he bought more than 20 houses in a row in his native village, just to secure the property of his ancestors.Well, if I have to highlight a few of his properties, his handsome 2 acre property in worth 7 crore in Panchgani is worth mentioning.


Aamir has made his mark with the possession of expensive bullet proof Mercedes Benz 600, which is owned by only two more people in India. Well, the majestic fleet of cars owned by Amir has the Rolls Royce ghost of Rs 3 crore. And just three Bentley car in his garage.

Source of Income

As we all know Amir Khan’s basic source of income has been Bollywood but he has several other investment plans lined up to add to his riches. This macho gentleman is readily bestowed with amount of rupees 4 crore for any product endorsement. And who doesn’t know about his most successful talk show on television i.e. Satyamev Jayate which has further added to his handsome income with sparking 3 crore, I mean per episode. Aamir’s production house and stock investments too deserve the credit to his riches.

Charity Work

Aamir Khan is a very genuine human being who adores kids. Who doesn’t know his directed movie Taare Zameen Par? But few know he is actually the personality who supports UNICEF against malnutritionamong kids. And we all know Satyamev Jayate is nothing less than a venture to fight for justice. And he aids a few NGO’s too.

AAMIR KHAN is a man with very clear vision but very warm hearted family man. Aamir has won innumerable reputed awards, his films has been nominated for Oscars too. But Amir is one star who has invested his in time with kids whom he dearly loves. Andspends money for family values and has purchased property that has been close to his heart rather than pomp and show.

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