Billy Joel Net Worth – Singer Biography & Earning

Original Name William Marti
Net Worth $160 Million (By Forebs in 2016)
Source of Income Pianist
Annual Income $8 Million (approx)
Wife Billy married thrice and her last wife was Katie Lee.

-=- Biography -=-

American singer, Billy Jeol has till date earned a huge net worth of approximately $180 million. Even, after his retirement in the year 1993, he is still remembered for his album “Piano Man”. He is titled as the super rockstar of 90’s. He has even served the industry as a voice actor.

Billy Joel Net Worth

He was born in Bronx destination of New York. He is known to be the youngest son of Howard Joel and Rosalind Nyman. He belonged to the family of musician such as his grandfather was German composer and his father was a pianist and his half brother is even a recognized musician. He has been brought up in a Jewish tradition. Soon, Billy started attending classes for piano but was not happy with it. At the age of 4, he developed the sense of dedication toward classical music.

-=- Turned To Be A Passionate Singer And Song Writer -=-

And, as he grew older, he became passionate about music. This passion drove him to the first band popular as “The Echoes” by the time he was of 14 years. In 1972, he expressed the desired to go solo and signed his first contract with the paramount records. As the success knocked his door, he migrated to another recording company, Columbia records in the year 1973 and rendered his first Top 20 hits with the release of the album “Piano Man”. Gradually, he received his fame with the “the beatles”, “Ray Charles”, “Dave Brubeck”, “the rolling stones” and many more. Soon, he got engaged in writing songs for Columbia records. With this, he tuned up more bigger hits such as “Only the Good Die Young”, “Say Goodbye to Hollywood”, etc that were declared as the “Record of the Years Honors”.

-=- Achievements -=-

Till date, Billy has given the highest record sales of 100 million worldwide and has received 23 nominations for Grammy award. He is admired as the member of “Songwriter Hall of Fame” as well as “Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame” before he announced his retirement in the year 1993.

-=- Overview Of Pricy Assets -=-

He is fond of real estate property that are dwelling in different corner of the world such as “Hampton estate” worth of $22,900,000 followed with Erstwhile Central Park South Home purchased at the amount of $11,000,000. Both of the plots are out in the market at current time. He is known to live with his family in a monthly residency that is located at Madison Square Garden.

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