Beanie Sigel Net Worth

Original Name Dwight E. Grant
Beanie Sigel Net Worth $100 Thousand (USD)
Annual Income

Beanie Sigel is a rap artist having net worth of $100 thousand in 2016 who has found his fame and fortune in the 21st century, known to be associated with great names like Jay-Z and others he has made his fortune and fame in the hip hop and rap community. Beanie has associated acts with Roc-a-Fella, Ruffhouse, and Def Jam records to name a few which have made him a worldwide phenomenon, he has pushed out a rocking four million records in his career so far.

Beanie Sigel Net Worth

Beanie is on his way to the top and is making quite a show in the music scene, but did you know that he had a rough time growing up, he says he is a big fan of ‘alternate gangsta music which gave his career direction and inspiration. Beanie came up the hard way washing windows of cars on streets to get a little extra cash.

He made his original appearance on a mix tape of a famous underground rapper, and later on he was mentored by the rap legend Jay-Z who agreed to take beanie under his wing because of his smart lyrics and choice of music.

On screen career: You might not know this but beanie has some off aspirations to become an actor, he has played roles in movies like Backstage (2000), State Property (2002), Boiler Room (1999) and a few more.

Interesting facts about Beanie Sigel

  • Beanies real name is Dwight E. Grant and he has adopted his stage/street name as a show of respect to the place he grew up and hung around.
  • Recently Beanie was shot in the chest near his home in Philadelphia, he had to operate and remove a lung because of it but he recovered quite well. He lost nearly 2 pounds after the surgery and will not be coming back to rapping anytime soon.
  • Beanie is a lifelong follower of Islam and it has had a profound impact on his music, he says that his religion guides him to live a better life and helps him cope with all his mistakes
  • Beanie dissed his former mentor Jay-z in one of his tracks in his 2010 album and the two have not reconciled yet.

Beanie has had some hard days in the past being arrested for a lot of charges including rage, carrying illegal weapons and drugs but his music is something that liberates him, let’s see where does it take him and what’s in store for his future.

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