Anurag Dikshit Net Worth – Biography & Earning

Original Name Anurag Dikshit
Net Worth $ 3.3 Billion
Source of Income Business
Annual Income $15 Million (approx)
Properties House in US & India

The world of the online Casino knows Anurag Dikshit as the godfather of the industry and considering he earned a neat net worth of $3.2 Billion in this venture we would surely not disagree with that statement. Anurag is one of India’s richest men and youngest billionaires in the world. He is certainly the type to shun the limelight but don’t mistake him for the timid kind because he is one firecracker who is always all around the place according to many people close to the businessman.

Anurag Dikshit Net Worth

— What does it take to make a billionaire? —
Having his roots in the land of Jharkhand Anurag is a modest soul trapped inside a smart businessman, he graduated from IIT Delhi but because of his ambitious streak he moved abroad to search for better advents for himself, first America then England and it was there where he hit a home run with his online casino during the famous dot com Boom.

At the age of 26 Anurag was writing the code behind the running of the online gambling website party gaming dot com which he joint as a favor to Ruth parasol who had started the company earlier and it was not long before he launched quite a lot of games and designed the running of the system.

That was the era the internet was finding its feet and discovering its potential and though online betting was present no website had found any secret sauce to success. Party Gaming dot com concentrated more on roulette and blackjack but it moved its focus to poker not long after Anurag began to tweak the system and before long internet traffic started flowing in and as a result so did the money.

Anurag’s implementation of the offshore party gaming website pulled in players from around the world to play in competition this was called the gamblers paradise as it had become the most famous gambling website out there. Dikshit was so integral to the functioning of the company that Ruth allotted him the highest shares in the company and when it finally had its IPO in London in 2005 anurag’s net worth increased substantially.

— Breaking ties with Party Gaming dot Com —
it was In 2006 Anurag decided to step away from the company to pursue other projects as he felt like there was nothing much he could contribute to the company any more but he still owned a portion of the company through shares by half a million atleast.

— The man behind the curtains —
Anurag has been a highly secretive person and does not like to parade around with his wealth, he lives a highly secretive and modest life and devotes time and money to causes e believes in. He has donated millions to causes all around the globe but mostly to his own country which needs it the most, and he says it’s truly fulfilling to give to those in need.

There may not be much known about this Indian billionaire but by what’s given as fact we know he is truly one of the people who change the world sometimes good sometimes not so much.

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