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Anil Kapoor Net Worth

 Anil Kapoor Original Name Anil Kapoor
Net Worth $14 million (USD)
Rs 84 Crore
(in 2016)
Annual Income Rs 5 Crore
Wife Sunita Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is one of the handsome hunks who entered B-town in late 80’s and today has achieved his success with a huge amount net worth that ranges approximately $14 million. He is acknowledged as super hero of silver screen whose acting skill is shares similarity with the yesteryears superhero, Rajesh Khanna.

=-= Bollywood Success =-=

The growth of Anil Kapoor in Bollywood is simply dramatic. With the movie, Tezzab he reached the peak of success and rendered him the honor to receive the best actor in the Filmfare award. With this, his success was given a shape and he received his zenith of success with “Slumdog Millionaire” that offer him the opportunity to shine high in the sky like a star. Beside acting career, he is even known to have interest in productions too. Recently, he has come up with a number of movies under his production.

=-= Personal Life =-=        

He has tied his knot with Sunita Kapoor and the couple has together 3 kids. Amongst the 3 kids, Sonam Kapoor is the successful actress of this era.

=-= Earning Made Every Year =-=

As per the record, he is having the highest figure in net worth throughout his career. Currently, he is enjoying the realms of success in pleasant manner. As far, his income is concerned,   then as per the record of 2014, he is known to make a huge income of $82 million as his annual turnover that is simply surprising to his competitors.

=-= Other Source of Income =-=

He is a known as the brand ambassador of famous brand that is Renault. Before this, he had been endorsing for number of successful brands that stayed for longer time in the leading position.

=-= Luxury House =-=

Anil Kapoor House with his daughter

Anil kapoors house is always a center of attraction for the people across Mumbai as it is residing in the aristocratic location known as Ville Parle. This place has been into gossip because here well known celebrity house are available. The price of the house seems to have cross the threshold of investment as per square ft of this area is worth of approximately Rs. 30,000. Therefore, we could easily assume that how costly the house of Anil kapoor would be. Moreover, he even own higher priced properties across the world such as USA, London and Mumbai.

=-=  Cars =-=

He admires cars and is really passionate about car race held in the nearby city such as New Delhi and Mumbai. He is known for his exclusive car segment that comprises of Audi and Renault models.

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