Andy Hillstrand Net Worth

Deadliest Catch star Andy Hillstrand’s net worth is estimated to be $2.2 million. Born in 1963, he is married to Sabrina and appeared in few TV series – Wiki.  This fisherman has got the worldwide recognition for Deadliest Catch, the popular show on Discovery channel.  The family of Andy is in this field from a decade, but Andy and his brother John has given this profession a dimension, a new height of success. His love, his passion is ‘Time Bandit’, which is a world class fishing vassal made by the father of Andy, who also was an efficient fisherman.

Name Andy Hillstrand
Net Worth $2 Million 
Yearly Salary $150,000
Source of Income TV Personality
Birth Date September 25, 1963
Birth Place Homer, AK
Parents N/A
Height 1.77 m
Weight N/A
Wife Sabrina

Andy Hillstrand

The birth place of this fisherman is Alaska, he also raised there. He is not just a fisherman, eventually, he is more than that. He is the main decision maker and operation head of his family business and also the trainer of the horses. It truly proves his interest towards sports and adventure.

On the Discovery channel’s show, he appeared with his other family members his brother, his brother’s son and also with other male family members.  Deadliest catch actually is a dangerous show, which is specially designed for the people who loves to take risks in their lives, so he is.

Not as a crew, the worth of his personal possession is $1.5, which is quite impressive for a fisherman. He loves to take a risk in his professional life, not in his personal life. He is a dedicated family man and peacefully pursuing his married life with wife Sabrina for last 26 years happily. They have two daughters Cass Andra and Chelsey.

Andy has a dream place for a dream business Hobby Horse Acres. This business in Indiana is run by both the husband and wife Andy and Sabrina. They spend some quality time there with daughters and friends too.

This fabulous captain of ‘Time Bandit’ has started his life journey from 1968.

This person by profession a thrilling person, but from his soul, he is a very much calm and sweet person, he plays guitar in the leisure time, plays with his two dogs and also loves to play the video games and remote operates aircraft etc.

He has shared his experience of Deadliest catch with the world by a book, ‘Time Bandit’, named by his vassal, he has written the book as a co-writer, with his brother Johnathan Hillstrand. They have shared all the tips and techniques to be a good captain and also briefly described their experience on the sea.

Season by season, it is because of his and other crew’s achievements, the show has touched the sky-high success and so the crews are.

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