Ajit Jain Net Worth

Original Name Ajit Jain
Net Worth $2 billion
Source of Income Business
Annual Income $10 Million (approx)

Ajit Jain is known as a reputed businessperson associated with Berkshire Hathaway and is known to have a wonderful net salary of $2 billion. He is known to have great instinct of business skill that helps him to run successfully a profitable specialized reinsurance business.

Ajit Jain Net Worth


Ajit Jain was born in one of the major city of India known as Orissa. With the welcome of 1972, he completed his graduations in engineering bachelor’s degree from IIT Kharagpur. Later, he earned his MBA degree from Harvard University in the year 1987. He was married to Tinku Jain who was selected his parent for him.

Career at Greatest Hike

Soon after completing his bachelor’s degree, he joined IBM and soon migrated to US earn his MBA degree. And, soon after fetching his MBA degree, he decided to join McKinsey & Co. but had to return for his marriage rituals. Soon, after the marriage he shifted back to US and joined McKinsey & Co. With the publication of famous book written by Robert P. Miles named as “The Warren Buffett CEO: Secrets from the Berkshire Hathaway Managers” we got to know that Jain did no wanted to return to America but his wife desires to live in America. So, he decided to migrate and moved ahead in his career.

Success in Insurance Company

In 1985, he joined an insurance company known as Buffet by this time he was not having enough knowledge about this sector. He is known as the heir successor over Warren Buffet as today is the president of leading insurance group known as Berkshire Hathaway. This is the leading company in the Indian insurance market venture. And, it has been concluded that in future he is going to be the CEO of this brand insurance company. His success has been honored with offering of various accolades.

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