Acharya Balkrishna listed in top 50 Richest Indian

The Acharya Balkrishna is the closet of Baba Ramdev and his net worth is estimated $2.5 billion that is equal to Rs 17,000 Crore in 2017.  It was a surprising debut of Patanjali’s Acharya Balkrishna when Forbes announced the Richest Indians List where Acharya Balkrishna stood at no 48. Today Acharya Balkrishna.The Chairperson and Managing Director of famous brand ‘Patanjali’ the Acharya Balkrishna is close aide of India’ Yog Guru- Baba Ramdev.

Acharya Balkrishna

Name Acharya Balkrishna
Birth Date August 4, 1972
Net Worth Rs 17,000 Crore
Source of Income M.D. of Patanjali Ayurved
Birth Place Haridwar
Parents Sumitra Devi and Jay Vallabh
Height 5.8 feet / 1.73 m
Weight 73 Kg
Awards Year
Bharat Gaurav 2016

Early Life

Acharya Balkrishna were born and brought up in Holy place Haridwar, India, to father, Jay Vallabh and mother Sumitra Devi in 1972. At the age of 16 years, Balkrishna attended the Kalwa Gurukul located in Haryana. This is the same place where Baba Ramdev and Balkrishna met for the first time. They both had a great bonding since then. Balkrishna after finishing the Education from Gurukul, went on to study medicinal plants and medicines (Ayurveda) across the country.

Ayurvedic Aide       

Balkrishna along with Baba Ramdev resided in Himalayan caves in Gangotri in 1993. Acharya Balkrishna has immense knowledge about Ayurveda, herbs and medicinal treatments through natural ways, which made the visitors and local people request him to cure for the same. This became the root of the start of such enlarged Ayurvedic Organisation.

Ramdev Baba and Balkrishna then opened a manufacturing factory for Ayurvedic Medicine known as Divya Pharmacy in Haridwar in the year 1995. After that there were many other ayurvedic units established by the duo with the support of each .

Patanjali was formed by Ramdev Baba and Balkrishna in the year 2006. A few followers helped them to arrange a loan for around 50-60 crore for the company to start up. At That time, Balkrishna did not even have a personal bank account. However, Patanjali has seen success in leaps and bonds in such short span of time. Patanjali is said to have Rs 5,000 Crore turnover in the financial year 2015-16 with an estimated to have 200% increase with Rs 10,000 Crore turnover in 2017.

Apart from handling Patanjali’s operations and management, Balkrishna is editor in chief of Yog Sandesh Magazine, and have written research papers, books as well.

Net Worth

While most of might be not aware that Baba Ramdev only holds 4% stake in the company while Acharya Balkrishna holds 96% stake in Patanjali. Baba Ramdev is face of the company while all other operations are carried out by Balkrishna. His fortune stands at whopping $2.5 Billion (Rs 17,000 Crore), honestly no one ever imagined that an Ayurveda company will competing with several MNC companies brand.

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